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                1.In Castellon on Saturday, after a foul in the opening round, she landed at 14.47m in round two and almost matched that in the third round with 14.42m. The 24-year-old saved her best for the last round as she leapt out to 14.71m.。
                2.Both sides posed threats to the other, but no goals were scored in the first half. Shijiazhuang once got a good chance to score in the 33rd minute when forward Liu Xingyu was clean through on goal but his low volley was easily saved by the keeper.。
                3.Osaka will now face another American, Jennifer Brady, in the semifinals. One of the in-form players of the summer, Brady, who won her first career WTA singles title in Lexington last month, dispatched Yulia Putintseva of Kazakhstan to reach her first-ever Grand Slam semifinal.。
                4.In October and November, three games are increasing the risk of injuries aside from the load players have to take in their clubs, he insisted.。
                5.A survey by the organizers finally convinced the IPC. Results showed 90 percent of those surveyed could tell the emblem was for the Paralympic Winter Games without the illustration.。
                6."For the many, many people who have been asking how I am, this morning I underwent medical checks that revealed a tear of the cruciate ligament in my left knee," he wrote.。


                1."Some immoral agents disregarded professional ethics and lured young players and their guardians to sign with them," the open letter said.。
                2."I was playing well today," said Thiem. "I had a good plan for the match. He's very dangerous when he can dictate with his forehand. I was exactly trying to avoid that. He also has very, very fast legs. I was trying to play my fastest tennis to keep him on the backhand, to not let him dictate with the forehand."。
                3.In his video, despite saying "unhappy", Messi explained he would see out the last year of his deal because he would "never go to court" against the club. Enditem。
                4.WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Top seed Novak Djokovic of Serbia was disqualified from the US Open on Sunday, after a tennis ball he hit in anger struck a female line judge in the neck.。
                5.It is the second such injury in eight months for Zaniolo, as the 21-year-old was stretchered off in the Serie A game between Roma and Juventus in January, following a tackle with Adrien Rabiot and Matthijs de Ligt.。
                6."I just don't know what to say, it was really close to a perfect moment," Vetter told World Athletics.。


                1.Switzerland's debutant Marc Hirschi had a brilliant solo lead for over 80km before being caught 1.5km from the finish, where Pagacar edged fellow Slovenian Roglic to claim the victory,。
                2."This year, any player that loses in the first round will be awarded 30 percent more than last year, bringing their winnings to 60,000 euros," read a tournament statement. "A significant effort has also been made in terms of the qualifying rounds, with a 27 percent increase in prize money compared with 2019. Any players who lose in the first round of the qualifying competition will take home a cheque for 10,000 euros." Enditem。
                3.Aside from a well-oiled defense, the 60-year-old is pinning his hopes on one of Europe's most promising front lines. Bayern Munich's Leroy Sane and Serge Gnabry and Chelsea's new arrival Timo Werner stand for his flying squad.。
                4.Also on Sunday, Wales edged Bulgaria 1-0 to top the second-tier Group B4, while Ireland lost 1-0 at home to Finland.。
                5."Gu is a living example of the sportsmanship of 'if others can do it, I can do it'. It is very impressive," said Yin. Enditem。
                6.PARIS, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Britain's Adam Yates retained the yellow jersey of the 2020 Tour de France after an arduous stage 8 on Saturday, as local rookie rider Nans Peters won the stage.。


                1、In his video, despite saying "unhappy", Messi explained he would see out the last year of his deal because he would "never go to court" against the club. Enditem。
                2、Scotland now leads Group 2 with four points, with the Czechs second on three. Israel sit third with two points, with Slovakia bottom with only a single point gained over the first two matches. Enditem。
                3、Klein called safeguarding the club's financial pattern more important than ever for the future of football.。
                4、Qingdao continue leading in the standings after nine games, with Ruichang ranking second by sweeping Shenzhen 5-0 on Sunday.。
                5、NAIROBI, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan retired star Innocent Simiyu was on Tuesday reappointed as the head coach of Kenya's rugby sevens side.。


                SUZHOU, China, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- Tianjin Teda still failed to snatch a win in the Chinese Super League after they suffered their seventh consecutive loss in the ninth round after a 2-1 defeat to Chongqing Dangdai Lifan here on Sunday.!


                • 10-13

                  Cruz's first match in charge will be an away clash against last-placed Atletico San Luis on Tuesday. Enditem

                • 10-12

                  SUZHOU, China, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Hebei China Fortune defeated Shanghai SIPG 2-0 in the ninth round of the Chinese Super League (CSL) here on Saturday, breaking Shanghai's unbeaten record in the season.

                • 10-11

                  Developing his squad to a high-speed train might come near a tightrope walk as the German coach knows the challenge.

                • 10-10

                  WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- American veteran Serena Williams and Dominic Thiem of Austria both advanced at the US Open but followed different paths en route to the next round on Monday.

                • 10-09

                  Barys Nur-Sultan's players celebrate during the 2020-2021 Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) ice hockey match between Riga Dinamo and Barys Nur-Sultan in Riga, Latvia, Sept. 3, 2020. (Photo by Edijs Palens/Xinhua)

                • 10-08

                  "Some immoral agents disregarded professional ethics and lured young players and their guardians to sign with them," the open letter said.

                • 10-07

                  "The sport venues are almost completely finished. All the constructions are on time. The financing for these Games, and especially the private contributions from the Chinese business players, has been unprecedented," he said.

                • 10-06

                  BERLIN, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Entering his 15th year as Germany's head coach makes Joachim Loew the longest-serving national manager in international football.

                • 10-05

                  ACCRA, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Ghana has invited some 40 players into the camp of the national under-17 team, the Black Starlets, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) announced here on Tuesday.

                • 10-04

                  Williams will take on Bulgaria's Tsvetana Pironkova, who overcame Alize Cornet of France 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-3 in another round of 16 match.

                • 10-03

                  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all international sports events including table tennis came to a grinding halt early in the year.

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