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                1.Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates with the trophy during the awarding ceremony after winning the men's singles final match against Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the French Open tennis tournament 2020 at Roland Garros in Paris, France, Oct. 11, 2020. (Xinhua/Gao Jing)。
                2."I wanted to play this match as if it was the first round. I didn't want to think it was a semifinal because it would have stressed me out."。
                3.The record was Jepchirchir's second global half marathon record, having clocked 1:05:06 in a mixed gender race at Ras Al Khaimah in 2017, a record which stood for just two months before her compatriot Jepkosgei took over.。
                4."Infinite thanks for everyone's support," Arias said in an Instagram post on Saturday. "It is very comforting to know that an entire country and many more people around the world are sending me all their support and good wishes."。
                5."She started really well right away, and had really good length, and was serving great. So I struggled at the beginning. I felt like I'm also not playing too bad, but just so many easy points going away with serve and return situations," said Siegemund.。
                6.The two players exchanged serves in the first two of the second set, but after Kenin called for a medical timeout at 2-1 down, the battle was in Swiatek's dominance as she swept four consecutive games to wrap up the second set in just 31 minutes.。


                1."We are not a strong side. After playing such an intense game, we can improve in mentality and carrying out tactics," Wuhan coach Li Xin commented.。
                2."He asks me to help the team to win games," Adama said.。
                3.In the Meizhou division, Guizhou Hengfeng had no chance to move to the promotion area due to the 1-1 draw with Shenyang Urban. Meizhou Hakka finished eight rounds with five wins and three draws, giving themselves a promotion chance two rounds ahead of the end of first stage. In other action, Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic beat Zhejiang Energy Greentown for more suspension of another promotion ticket. Enditem。
                4.Murthy insisted that the club, which failed to qualify for Europe last season, has full confidence in Gracia to get the best out of the squad.。
                5.16-year-old Bai Pengshuo, a seeded player of Ningxia Beach Volleyball Youth Team who once won second prize in 2019 Youth Games for his team, also takes this chance as a practice. Bai, with a height of 198 cm, is responsible for block.。
                6.The Azzurri will take on Poland and the Netherlands on October 11 and 14. Enditem。


                1.Turkey rallied back for a second time only ten minutes after Germany scored the second goal as Neuhaus lost the ball to Karaca, who made no mistake to overcome Germany custodian Bernd Leno following a one-on-one.。
                2.Xinjiang's Han Xu finished with a team-high 19 points. Liu and Wang each had 17.。
                3.Germany remained unimpressed and took the lead again in the 58th minute as Florian Neuhaus exchanged a one-two with Havertz to score on his international debut.。
                4.Beijing outscored Shandong 32-15 in the second quarter. Five Beijing players scored in double figures, led by Tang Yu's 20 points. Wang Chengcheng helped with 14 points.。
                5."We didn't show clear tactics in defense, giving many baskets to their key players and losing many rebounds in the last quarter," he noted. Enditem。
                6.Jia said the league has provided some much-needed competitive action for the "Steel Roses".。


                1、The record Roland Garros winner grabbed it, firing an ace to end the two-hour-and-41-minute final with a love game. He then kneeled down, smiled widely and pumped his arms. It was the fourth time he has won his favourite tournament without conceding a set.。
                2、The inexperienced coach had to compensate that by squeezing every minute.。
                3、Iran sits third in Group C behind Iraq and Bahrain. Enditem。
                4、The fans' dissatisfaction seems to be a common thing for national coaches. The latest statements of 2014 World Cup hero Schweinsteiger and record international Matthaeus have become a serious problem for the world's longest-serving manager.。
                5、However, "the AFC Disciplinary and Ethics Committee Friday dismissed the protest lodged by Al Nassr, of Saudi Arabia, in connection with the Semi-final match of the AFC Champions League (West) pursuant to Article 59 of the AFC Champions League 2020 Competition Regulations," said a statement on the AFC website. Enditem。


                Two years later, when Wang was all set to climb up the ladder and make it into the national youth team, she was held back by injuries.!


                • 10-13

                  Trailing at 76-79 in overtime, Tianjin's Zhao Fangxin got three free throws at the stroke of the final whistle, but she missed all of them and saw the chance slip away.

                • 10-12

                  TALLINN, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Estonia drew 3-3 with North Macedonia at home on Sunday in the UEFA Nations League.

                • 10-11

                  Cheng was insurmountable in the paint, scoring consecutive buckets on second chances, as Henan gained its biggest advantage of 20 points in the third quarter.

                • 10-10

                  Argentina enter the match after defeating Ecuador 1-0 in their opening qualifier at La Bombonera on Thursday. Bolivia suffered a 5-0 defeat to Brazil in Sao Paulo.

                • 10-09

                  It was third time lucky for the forward, who had been called up for former Spain coach Roberto Moreno, but pulled out the squad due to injury. He was avoided from making international debut again in this September because of a false coronavirus positive test result.

                • 10-08

                  BRATISLAVA, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Slovakia defeated Ireland 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw on Thursday at the Tehelne Pole Arena in Bratislava, and are now just one game away from the Euro 2020 finals.

                • 10-07

                  The historic moment arrived in the second quarter when Ji made one of two free throws with 8:36 left, thus surpassing WCBA legend Miao Lijie's 7,299 career points.

                • 10-06

                  Peng Huaqian's three-pointer whittled away Fujian's lead to two points with 26 seconds on the clock. Fujian guard Wei Yu-chun converted one of two free throws on the ensuing possession, but Deng Ruijie had a layup blocked by Wang Qiuyi, thus ruining Wuhan's chance of a comeback.

                • 10-05

                  Xi'an, home to the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, attracted 30,000 runners from 30 countries and regions to participate in its third marathon edition in 2019.

                • 10-04

                  The diminutive Coutinho then fired in a rare headed finish when he leaped higher than two Bolivia defenders after another Neymar cross from the left side of the penalty area.

                • 10-03

                  The event will have three programs on the card: 1000m and 10,000m races for women and a 5,000m race for men.

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